Ultimate Powerboat Day


Experience the ultimate powerboat adventure day.



Enjoy the ultimate powerboat adventure day, with the chance to drive two super swift powerboats and take a ride in the thundering Jet Viper. The insane Viper powerboat comes up first, surging through the water with a whopping 450bhp and the revolutionary Jet Drive. This powers and steers the boat, meaning it can do things that no normal boat can! Donuts, side slides, crash stops and sharp cornering will all make sure you get properly soaked and have a blast all at once. 60 minutes on the water and you’ll return to shore, take a quick break and climb aboard the Honda VTEC racing boat. This is your chance to drive! With at least 10 minutes behind the wheel, you’ll learn to put this competition boat through its paces before heading back to swap into your last boat, the aptly-named Thunderbolt. This wild catamaran weighs only 300kg, giving it brutal acceleration and amazing handling, finishing your day in true style before heading back for a hot shower, dry clothes and your complimentary photo.


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